“Are We There Yet?” A Two Year Old’s 500 Mile Journey

Is Erin a good traveler?  Well, that depends.

Fifteen airplane flights in her short little life, and no official complains from fellow passengers.


In a car?  Different story.

starting off happy

starting off happy

She enjoyed the first hour of Atlanta to Charlotte with her animals, books, blanket, snacks, and videos. But after that, it went slowly downhill.  She refused to nap, and her cries were made worse by our encouragement, then annoyance. She cried, screamed, complained, and whined for a good hour. Then she started to cough, sputter, and gag. Then, goldfish vomit, all down the shirt.  We pulled off the next exit, onto a grassy/muddy area, and proceeded to change her clothes and clean her up. She exclaimed, “Hi, Horsey! Two horseys, Mommy!” I looked behind me to see two horses, snouts perched over their fence, looking right at us with curiosity. I had to snap a picture before we got on the road.


they quickly grew tired of us and had begun to graze again

So, no nap on day 1. On day 2, though the drive was longer, she did a little better. She did nap, finally, for 40 minutes.


We stopped many times, let her run around, and tried to keep her entertained. Toward the end, she repeated, “Want to go Erin’s house!” and we explained that we were, in fact, en route. To Erin, going somewhere= 10 minutes. “It’s just a long ride, honey” was not much appreciated.

Will we do this again?  Well, that depends.


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