Little Gym

We’ve been taking Erin on Saturday mornings to a class at the Little Gym (or as Erin refers to it, “yih-gym”). We love it. The kids get to run around, play, and be toddlers, but they also learn gymnastics skills in the process. It’s a great combination of structured and laid-back.





when we started a few weeks ago, Erin didn’t really get the concept of jumping. now, she wants to jump off everything!







they get a stamp on their hands after class


Banana “Ice Cream”

A friend posted a recipe on Facebook that I wanted to try for Erin- banana ice cream!  I used my mini food processor- worked well and I didn’t have to deal with cleaning my blender or big food processor. It was so easy and good, even without mix-ins! I see many batches of this in our future (i.e. this summer).

27134_636900422993198_2100106096_n 008


St. Patty’s Day, 2013

Erin and I enjoyed a fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day today. Matt is on a much-needed vacation with an old friend.

We started with breakfast at Dixie Donuts. Note to self: When breakfast is fried dough covered in frosting, don’t expect the rest of the day to be remotely healthy.


It was a green kitty cat doughnut

005 photo(5) 002

We headed over to the Children’s Museum afterwards to work off the sugar.


triceratops slide




watching an elephant mascot from afar, refusing to give him a high five, then obsessing about him for a while afterwards.


riding the kitty cat on the carousel


tall girl!


driving an ambulance


sitting inside a dinosaur egg


Lunch at home, short nap, playing, walk with Griffin in the cold drizzle, then trip to Old Navy and dinner at Qdoba (mexican). I did manage early bedtime!

Erin Go Bragh!!

President and Pledge

Yesterday evening, I had a “parent teacher conference” at Erin’s daycare. Ms. Curtis told me that part of the kids’ morning “circle time” activity is naming the president and reciting the pledge of allegiance.

Snow Day

Snow kept us all home today. Actually, Erin went to daycare for an hour before they called to say they were closing. As Matt and Erin arrived home, Travis and Meghan (across the street neighbors) asked if they could take some pictures of Erin playing in the snow with Travis’s beautiful new camera (and he’s a fantastic photographer). Travis has taken a lot of pictures of Erin and our family in the past, and we have soaked it up. Lucky us- we got a photo shoot a few weeks before the expected arrival of their own little one, who will very likely take up all camera time in the coming months and years 🙂