Keeping Track

I just want to record some of the things Erin has said and done lately.

“My want to go office, push buttons. Mommy Daddy push buttons.”

“Ya all fetty?” (she asks Matt when he gets home from the gym) (“fetty”= sweaty)

(looking at an old picture of my “Swarm” friends) “That Kate Mommy, Maggie. That Harrison Mommy, Kelley.”

She knows that last month was February, this month is March, and her birthday is in October. She also seems to mostly know the days of the week. This is something they talk about at school every day, I think.

She busted out singing the alphabet the other day and hasn’t stopped since. I heard her do it for a while after she woke up from her nap today. But when I asked her to do it for the video camera, she refused. Maybe soon.

Told me, “This is my friend, Mommy.”


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