Gabby Girl

Some more funny things Erin has been saying:

-(Referring to having woken up in the middle of the night crying) “I was kynin”

-“Ummm, ummmm, ummm”

-“What my name? Erin Edwards!”

-(When asked what Gramma’s name is): “Muffanie!” (It’s Stephanie)

-Looking at a pictures of shapes in a book: “Heart [puts hand to chest] boom boom boom”

-“We go tomornin?” (tomorrow morning)

-“Today toweekend!” (something she’s been saying excitedly on the weekends)

-(holding her stuffed puppy): “This my sister”

-“Ya have brown eyes. I have pink eyes. Daddy have black eyes.”

-(gives me a magazine)- “Maga-ine. Ya read this at work.”

-“I’ll be right back.”

-“Sit here, next to me.”

-“Wait a minute”

-“Go cook, Mommy” (I didn’t appreciate this one)

-(showing me her doll): “This baby not yistenin’. (sits her on the chair) “Baby go time out.”

-“My no yike ants” (I don’t like ants)



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