Rolling With the Poops

Warning: You will probably be grossed out by this post.

Erin is pretty close to potty training, I think. At school, she pees on the potty every time she sits on it. She tells us when she is pooping in her diaper and when she is finished (or “I’m not done pooping yet.”) She’s sick of laying on the changing table (and is way too tall for it). She is really excited about the idea of wearing underwear (a few of the kids in her class do). And she has a positive view of the whole thing.


Her dollhouse dolls are taking turns on the miniature wooden toilet. She is praising each of them after they go.


Still, the idea of anticipating the need to go hasn’t sunk in.

Erin pooped in the tub a couple of nights ago.  I could tell that it was going to happen about a half second before it happened. I actually tried to catch it, but well, it kind of slipped through my fingers, and…. plop (plop, plop, plop).

Because this has happened before, I had learned that I’d rather have poop in my hands than poop in a tub full of water and bath toys. Initially, it’s grosser, but overall, it makes the clean-up process less lengthy.

I knew I didn’t want Erin to see me freak out and then feel shamed for this (she didn’t enjoy doing it, I could tell) so I very calmly told her it was okay and asked her if she wanted to finish on the potty. So she sat there on the toilet, but nothing else came out.  We dried off and she seemed fine about the whole thing. She even enjoyed watching me clean it up (la dee da…whistle whistle….just picking up poop out of the water…no big deal!). I mentioned later that the next time she feels like she might have to go, she could let me know and then we could get right on the potty and go before it comes out!  She imagined this and got a big smile on her face, shouting, “Yeah!!!”

When Matt got home from work after she had gone to bed, I told him, and he said, “Want a glass of wine?”  Sweet, huh?  A lot of bleach and hot water later, it was as though nothing had happened at all. I chuckle thinking about how these normal parenting tasks have become second nature to me now after 2.5 years.

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