On Sunday, Matt and I got to go to the last day of the Masters in Augusta. Matt’s parents watched Erin. We left early because it start to rain, and we watched the (recorded) end on TV that evening. Well, as the camera panned towards Tiger Woods on the first hole, whom should we see but ourselves!  It’s difficult to make out, but in the very bottom right corner of the picture, you can see a few people wearing red shirts. That is Tiger’s mom, Lindsey Vonn, and a couple of their friends. Matt and I stumbled upon them as we were walking. Just as Matt said, “I wonder if Lindsey is somewhere around here,” I noticed a blonde ponytail and a knee brace. I’m wearing a dark shirt and khaki pants. You can really just see the back of me.


Does this help?


Then, when we were waiting for our bags at the Richmond airport, we saw Tim Gunn!


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