These days, Erin will often play by herself happily for a while. She likes to pretend with her babies and animals. It’s fun to overhear her. “Want a cupcake, baby? Yeah?” “Good job, baby!” “Baby, see what Puppy just did? Want to try that?”  Along those lines.  She puts them all down for their naps (about 20 animals- they all have a specific blanket and location on the rug for their nap- hey, it’s a nice use for all of those old receiving blankets) which takes a good half an hour. And of course she’ll watch Lady and the Tramp or Sofia the First (about a little girl who becomes a princess), but as easy as that is, we don’t want her parked in front of the TV for too terribly long.

It seems that just when I really need to get something done, she says, “Play with me, Mommy.” The other day I needed to prep for dinner. So I decided to try to include her by having her “help.” I think we’ll be doing more of this kind of thing.  She cut up her velcro vegetables on her cutting board, and even brought her babies up to the counter (her idea) so that they could help her!



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