Jelly packet at a diner

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Water Play

Forecast for the summer: wet!


splash park at the Botanical Gardens with Latane

Using the hose as a sprinkler, before Matt reminded me that we own a sprinkler (two, in fact):

Erin and I playing in the sprinkler in the back yard:

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Also in the spirit of water play, I wanted to also try an idea I saw on pinterest via friend and fellow mom-blogger Lauren Lynch: bathtub paint. *All you do!* is mix baby shampoo, cornstarch, water, and food coloring in an egg carton. I think that naturally crafty people such as Lauren probably just have a sense about the correct amounts of these things that will yield the right consistency.  Arty stuff does not come naturally to me, however. So the “paint” was more like either colored water or goopy, gluey globs. But Erin didn’t know the difference and had an awesome time.

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Anyone who tries this should be comforted that the paint rinses easily off bathroom tile and the bathtub. But have a spray bottle of bleach ready for the grout. Unless you like pink grout.

Organized Cuteness

Erin’s play these days consists of one very elaborate activity- arranging her babies and stuffed animals on the floor with various blankets, fake food, baby toys, and most lately, dish towels and items from my old purse. She gets so into it!  Then there are 10-20-30 blankets and towels covered in dog hair. I shake them out, dog hair floats in the air, I think that maybe I should vacuum more often. But then I remember that I hate vacuuming.

The activity started months ago with arranging babies on blankets, a la naptime at school.  The other day, Erin found her old baby toys in a bin and has been having a blast sharing them with her inanimate friends. Here we see that each baby has a baby toy on his/her blanket.

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Yesterday, Erin began to take our dish towels out of a drawer in the kitchen and arrange them as well. I told her that those needed to stay in the kitchen, but remembered I had a pile of old ones that I used to use as rags for cleaning and whatnot. So here we have babies and animals on dish towels with baby toys.


In the latest twist, babies and animals, each with a baby toy and an old card from my wallet.


M&M with rattles and a Sprint calling card.


Piglet with a octopus toy and a Delta Skymiles card


Puppy has a pumpkin rattle bracelet, a ladybug teether, and a health insurance card

Oh yeah, and the other day Erin helped me unpack groceries. I had bought a bunch of those boxes of macaroni and cheese for her (okay, and sometimes us), so I asked her to put them in the cabinet. I forgot to check her work, but later, I opened the cabinet and saw this:


I have to say, I was a little taken aback by the neatness of the arrangement.