Mommy Lollipop

Erin is talking so much these days and saying the funniest things. I try not to laugh at her because most of the time, she’s not trying to be funny.

-She’s started calling us “mom” and “dad” often (as opposed to “mommy” and “daddy.”)

-She will add numbers to things when excited. For example, she knows her birthday is October 7th, but when I asked her the other day when her birthday was, she responded, “October 6 7 8!”  She gets 2 m&m’s for peeing in the potty, but she’ll say, “I get 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 m&m’s!!”

-She can recite her address

-She’s started with the “why”s

-Referring to her babies waking up from their naps, she says, “They wake-upped!”

-Starting to develop a sense of humor, so says goofy things to be silly. She told me “I ate poopy” with a silly grin on her face. She’ll also replace words with “Kee-kee” to be funny.

-She was sitting in front of her dollhouse, playing, and said to me, “I’m doin some work, mommy.” I asked her what kind of work she was doing, and she replied, “Ummm, elephant work.”

-I have many nicknames for Erin, one being “babycake.” I guess I ask her, “What do you think, Babycake?” a lot. And sometimes I’ll say, “Are you my babypie? Are you my babycookie?” etc., and she’ll say, “No, I’m your babycake.” So the other day, I asked her what she thought about something, and her reply was, “What do you think, Mommy lollipop?” Then she looked at Matt and said, “What do you think, Daddy popsicle?”

-I told her she had sleepy eyes the other day. The more tired she is, the more she resists going to sleep. So she adamantly said, “No, I have wake-up eyes!”

-It’s interesting that we’re actually sort of having conversations with her now. The other day, she turned to me and said, “I don’t like hippos. Do you like hippos, Mommy?”  I had to think for a minute. I had never really ironed out my position on hippos. “I suppose I do like, hippos, Erin.”

-This morning, this sentence came out of her mouth, “Look Daddy, it’s you in the picture with the green right next to the window!”

-Maybe the beginning of imaginary friend territory… Erin keeps talking about a “witch.” She’ll explain that the witch is in the shower but he hit her so he’s going to go to time-out at his house. She’ll pretend to be afraid of him, say that he’s playing with his friends, etc.

-One night before bed, a solicitor came to our door and was rude to Matt. Matt handled him well, but it shook me up a bit and Erin could tell. I was kind of staring off, and Erin asked me, “You sad, Mommy?”  I thought that was so sweet. I told her that yes, I was sad because the man wasn’t nice to Daddy. She asked that night and the next day, “What that man doin?” and I explained that we told him he wasn’t being nice, so he said he was sorry and went home.

-We’ve been reading a book that has a picture of wind personified. During a thunderstorm, we were talking about how we could hear the wind. After a particularly loud gust, Erin turn to the page with the picture of “wind,” held it up toward the sky, and shouted, “Look, Wind!  It’s you!”



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