Potty Time

Erin is almost potty-trained. She’s been wearing underwear all day at school for a few weeks, and no longer has accidents!  In typical Megan fashion, I bought her way more underwear than she needs, though she always chooses the Dora the Explorer pairs.  So school is a piece of cake. But home is a different story. Any suggestion to use the potty is met with an aggravated “NO!” and sometimes stomping around and fit-throwing. I’m not sure if it’s a fear of failure thing (if nothing comes out) or if it’s just getting in the way of her playing or video-watching. So on the weekends, we often end up in pull-ups. And I’m not daring enough to take her out of the house in underwear yet because I’m positive that she’s not interested in public restrooms (to be honest, I could do without public restrooms forever… *cringe*).

Also, pooping on the potty is not happening yet. She has been holding it all week and then pooping up a storm at home on the weekends. Poor thing. She will say that she wants to “poop in my diaper” but I will remind her that she’s wearing underwear but can go on the potty. That just discourages her, and her little system must be all backed up at this point. Even with the promise of m&ms or marshmallows… not even yummy treats are enough enticement right now. Oh well, I’m sure it will work itself out eventually.




The first few accident-free days at school, she got a lollipop.


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