Big Girl Bed


“no more crib!”



Julie’s Visit

My cousin Julie visited us for a long weekend recently. She had never met Erin, and the two of them hit it off instantly.


pointing at Julie’s train arriving

Erin wanted Julie to do everything- strap her into her carseat, wipe her off after meals, change her diaper, play with her, you name it. When she woke up the morning, she would ask, “Where’s my cousin?”  Sitting at dinner one night, she looked at Julie and said, “What’s your name?  I like you. I’m nice.”


eating breakfast together

Erin loved rooting through Julie’s bag and just…holding her stuff.


On Friday while Erin was at school, the two of us went on our own adventure. We started with a Segway tour of Richmond. SO. MUCH. FUN.

026 025 024 023

And then we happened to walk by the hotel where the Redskins were staying, and we got to watch a few of them get on the bus. This wouldn’t normally be too exciting for me, but I was excited because Julie was excited.


oohhh! It’s…that guy…who does the thing with the football!

And then we actually visited the Redskins training camp, which happens to be just a couple of miles from our house.


Julie came to the gym with me and took a couple pictures.


artsy fartsy

We went consignment shopping, where, naturally, Julie chose a cookie cutter in the shape of a cat.  And then we made cat pancakes (well, one cat pancake).


And we went to the Botanical Gardens with Erin, where they played the drums in the Gourd Orchestra.