Daddy Daughter Weekend

Erin loves Matt way more than she loves me right now. It’s fine. I can handle it. Even when I arrive home from the gym to her saying “Go away, Mommy!”  I can handle it because I know it’s a phase and I love watching her and Matt play and cuddle.  So I went to an Emory cross country reunion in DC and she and Matt got to spend two whole days together.  “Daddy-daughter weekend!” she exclaimed.

018 012


But look!  I had fun too. And no one told me to go away!

I realize that my blog is sorely lacking in pictures of me. So enjoy.

1187196_10151665924216868_513207469_n 1231492_10201826601284969_568398147_n 1239592_10151670000277582_222289458_n 544548_10151792357406743_1736485887_n 994632_10100751277480703_129571871_n 1185201_10201837350593695_1612480985_n 1185470_10201833069086660_1671186437_n 019



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