Erinisms, Year 4

“Yogurt makes my teeth pretty.”

“You can barely see my toes!” [in a bubble bath]

“I am exciting!” (when she’s excited)

“I’m gonna take my privacy” (when she goes potty by herself)

“Look at your pretty hair, Daddy!”

“Could you please leave me alone?” (I wasn’t exactly sure how to respond. She was so polite about it)

“You forgot me some socks!”

(pointing to a lighthouse) “It’s kinda like a rocketship!”

“I’m getting really really bigger!”

(when Matt kissed me) “Aww Daddy, that was sweet.”

Wanting to watch a tv show about a sleepover: “I want the good-night-over one!”

(when Matt brought us flowers) “That was so nice of you, Daddy!”

“Griffin’s bothernin’ me!”

(adding the letter “L” to words for some reason): “Blankelet, slinkly, floor flixed”

Her interpretation of cheese doodles: “noodle chips”

When asked when her birthday was for the 100th time and after responding correctly for months, she got bored and started switching it up. “October 6-9! October 46!”

Her pronounciation of “hamburger”: “Hangabuh.”

“I want to go to the ball when I grow up. And wear a pretty dress and dance on the stage. A lot of mans will be there.”

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