More Erinisms

Looking at our wedding picture: “Daddy!  You were married!” [thought for a few seconds]  “First you got dressed, then you got married?”


Likes to talk about how we can pretend to do things. “I can pretend to be a grown up.”  “You can pretend you’re wearing socks, Mommy.”


Calls a shopping cart a “copping shart”


Has been telling me sometimes that she doesn’t want me to play with her and daddy. When Matt and I told her that that was rude, she changed her approach. The next time I showed up in her room, she said very politely, “There are some toys over there that you can play with, Mommy.”


Halloween ’13

I don’t remember attending multiple Halloween events each year as a kid, especially as a three year old. Erin wore her costume 4 or 5 times during Halloween week. Whew.  First we had the Halloween party at the Little Gym, then the Halloween thing at the Botanical Garden, then the parade at school, then trick or treating in the neighborhood. All very fun. Erin was a bee.


photo by Joshua Winn


photo by Joshua Winn


photo by Joshua Winn


photo by Joshua Winn

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