Skating Rink

When Erin had lice, I kept her out of dance class one Saturday. But we really needed an activity, having been stuck in the house because of the snow. So I took her rollerskating. I felt instantly transported back to 1987.


Erin didn’t love it but didn’t hate it, I guess. She spent most of the time whining, but loved the hokey pokey. I enjoyed getting out of the house and getting her to try something new.





We were putting together little valentine cards for Erin’s classmates last week. I gave her a pile and told her we would sign her name on each. A few minutes later I heard, “Mommy, I put ‘E’!”  She had actually signed the card with an “E”!  When did she go from recognizing letters to actually writing them?


She even wrote a “D” for Daddy (with a heart around it) on his card!


Hair Dos and Don’ts


Look at this pretty hairdo!  This is how my mom used to do my hair for soccer when I was little.

You would never guess from looking at this what was going on in there.

LICE. Otherwise known as one of my greatest parenting challenges to date. Just brought me to my knees. Perhaps the lack of control I felt from seeing my child’s head invaded by living, reproducing things what was made it so awful for me. But we seem to have made it through in one piece, or at least come up with a system for whenever it happens again. Okay I’m done writing about it. I want to forget about it for now. Here’s a cute picture of Matt and Erin while Erin was getting a treatment.