Erinisms at Almost-Four

“That pan doesn’t know you’re cooking in it”
“Why are you 11?” (she asked an 11 year old girl)
“Do police officers sometimes go to jail?”

“I want you to show me to him” (wanted me to introduce her to someone)

Matt asked what she wanted to be when she grew up: “a daddy”
“I wish that I was a mermaid named Elsa.”
She was smiling at me and I asked her what she was happy about: “I’m happy about you.”
Watching Granddaddy measure something “Is it two thousand?”
“Why do they call it high school?  Is it high on a highway?  Is it high in the sky?”
Scribbling in my calendar: “This note says that mommy has been good today at work.”
“Brother baby and sister baby’s birthday are on the same day because they were next to each other in my belly.”
Calls Chick-fila “Cow filet”
“Maybe we are in a book and someone is reading us!”

“That does not sound like a plan”
“I hope I don’t turn into a peanut butter cracker. I’ve been eating so many of them!”
“Oh my!” (she says this a lot)
“I want you to look like Daddy. I like him better than you.”
“I’m bookie tonight” (means she wants to read a lot of books before bed)

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